International Private Investigators

Missing Person Services in the Time of Emergency/Disaster

Earthquake Being out of touch with a loved one who is in another country can be concerning in itself, but during these times of political dysfunction, violence, and natural disasters, not hearing from someone you care about is terrifying. International Investigations will travel to the foreign territory and natural disaster area to conduct search and rescue operations in attempt to locate your loved one and bring them home safely to you.

Tsunami International Investigations is proud to have headed multiple missing person locates both at home and abroad in the most trying of conditions. Please let International Investigations be of assistance to you and your family in this time of need. Call us today.

Disasters can happen at any moment.

WarAmericans in crisis in foreign countries don't always receive the help that they need due to lack of resources or ability. Whatever the reason for a communication breakdown, International Investigations operatives are ready, willing and able to do all that is necessary in attempting to find those persons.

FireShould our mission turn from that of a search and rescue to a recovery, our operatives are trained and proficient in DNA collection for identification purposes when necessary to ensure return to family members.

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