International Private Investigators


III offers International Private Investigation services including Surveillance Services any where in the world. III has Investigator operatives or contract investigators in most of the major cities across the globe. The best avenue to obtain inside information about a subject is via a covert surveillance. In fact nothing sways a judge or jury more than good surveillance video. Our Covert Surveillance teams are equipped with the latest in electronic surveillance devices. We utilize remote surveillance devices to gather information about a subject or location for long periods of time with out human intervention or detection. Surveillance is both an art and a science the images below are only some of the surveillance tools that we use daily in the course of our surveillance work.

Equipment of the Trade

32 Hour Digital Recorder

4 Channel Economy DVR

Air Purifier Covert Camera

Black Media Pen 1GB

Color Bullet Camera

Counter-surveillance Probe

Covert Camera Alarm Clock

Covert Color Smoke Detector Camera

Covert DVD Player

Micro DVR and Screw Kit
Night Vision
Night Vision Camera
Parabolic Microphone
Parabolic Microphone

Mini pocket DVR

Pager Hardwired Camera

Pocket video Transmitter Receiver Set

Protrak Digital plus

Protrak Ranger

Protrak RF Scout

Protrak Scout

Ranger bottom

RF Bug Detector

StealthCam B&W Wall Clock

Super Tap Buster

Peep hole Reverser