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Background Investigations

Background Investigations Some people believe that a background check and background investigation are the same thing and are both done solely at a computer terminal. This belief is simply not accurate. A complete background investigation requires on the ground field work consisting of verification of documents, addresses, education, training, socio economic status, marital status, personal activities, memberships, affiliations, associations. Creature habits such as what type of driver is this person, does he /she drink alcohol or use drugs. What are this individual�s hobbies and recreational interest? What is this person�s political affiliation? Was this person loyal to his previous employer? Does he/she cheat on their spouse? How much sick time does he /she take from work? Does this person gamble excessively? How does this person interact with society when he believes no one is watching? Is this person active in the community is he /she civic minded. Will this person represent your firm in a positive manner? What does this person previous co-workers and subordinates say about him or her. At III we refer to this type of detail as a Background investigation not a background check. There is a huge difference between the two. When you need to know the truth about a person we can provide you with an accurate and detailed background investigation.

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